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Welcome to ITS Solar We are a professional manufacturer and international supplier of Solar Thermal and Heat Pumps. Our aim is to provide you, our valued customer, with a complete solution for commercial and residential system consisting of the best in current solar and heat pump technologies. > Get A Quote >

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340L Solar Heat Pump. DOMESTIC COMPACT. Model 340-08AC6-290. The Quantum 340L Solar Heat Pump is suitable for large families and is an ideal replacement for an electric storage unit. Rebates available for eligible installations. Compact design with integrated refrigeration unit. > Get A Quote >

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Solar Assisted Heat Pump Integrating the heat pump with the vacuum tube or solar panels means the performance is unsurpassed, outperforming all other heat pumps! Overview of the heat pumps and where they are best suited for installation. Duo-System Retro fitting into an existing heating system. > Get A Quote >

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By introducing solar, either with a solar water heater, heat pump, or solar power (PV) system to the mix, you can quickly and efficiently reduce your energy use and your carbon footprint. Solahart is an industry leader in manufacturing and providing solar solutions for households and businesses. > Get A Quote >

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The solar thermal system charges a domestic hot water storage tank that – whenever required – is also heated by the heat pump. In this example the space heating is directly and exclusively provided by the heat pump, i.e. without a heat storage tank. It is important that the heat pump control system prioritises the solar heat generation. > Get A Quote >

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Solahart pioneered solar water heating in Australia over 60 years ago. Today it is one of the worlds leading brands with over one million households around the globe enjoying Solahart solar hot water, solar power, and Tesla battery storage systems. With Solahart hot water free from the sun they're also saving energy, saving money and helping the environment. > Get A Quote >

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When you combine a compatible Lennox heat pump with an efficient Lennox furnace, you can create an energy-saving dual-fuel system. The heat pump functions as both a heating and cooling system, reducing gas fuel consumption. On extra-cold days, the gas furnace becomes the primary heat source, ensuring maximum comfort is maintained. > Get A Quote >

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【solar dryer | heat pump dryer Manufacturers】 Dryfree Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. HOME About us. About Dryfree heat pump dryer Split commercial heat pump dryer series Integrated commercial heat pump dryer series Custom-built heat pump dryer Solar + heat pump dryer system Solar > Get A Quote >

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Domestic heat pump Domestic heat pump. Flat Plate Collector . Flat Plate Collector. Flat Plate Collector. Categories: Solar Collector, Solar Water Heater. Description; Product Description The solar glass and the profile are covered with the PDEN rubber, > Get A Quote >

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Heat pump heaters are environmentally friendly as they use renewable energy source and emit no air pollution. Solar heaters make use of solar panels to transform heat energy from the sun to your swimming pool. This sounds very eco-friendly since it uses renewable energy source and emits no air pollution. > Get A Quote >

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The Sundog Solar team of heat pump experts is dedicated to your comfort and energy savings. Every mini split installation project we complete in Midcoast, Downeast, and Central Maine meets or exceeds guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency, is satisfaction guaranteed, and comes with a > Get A Quote >